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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

BMW Tuning On A Budget

For most car nuts, once they buy a car, that is only the very start of a long and often costly process of modifying to result in increased BMW performance. There are literally thousands of various choices on how to accomplish this. Where does one begin, what can be done by the typical backyard mechanic and what needs pro assistance? And, where can one locate the best parts at the best price? Sourcing parts is the part of modding that you have significant control over and where you can save the most time and expense, if done correctly.

bmw i8

There is more than one school of thought on this subject. For BMW's, significant design and engineering was completed by the manufacturer to make a world class vehicle that is typically a superior performer than many of its competition. Its way too easy to wind up heading backwards in your objective for speed by selecting flawed parts, installing them incorrectly or not matching up the performance characteristics of various systems on your car. In fact, BMW is selling a line of its own aftermarket parts so you can be confident of the quality and engineering in these parts just like the rest of your car. The drawback is these parts are often more costly than their non-BMW counterparts.

So, how should one purchase premium parts for your BMW? I am a big fan of doing research online. There are many good forums consisting of many thousands of BMW owners. With a little effort you can often find a member with your exact BMW who has already done similar modifications to their BMW and can often provide some valuable insight into what works, who has the most competitive price, install instructions and more. A few of of my favorites are E90Fanatics, and Time invested here can save you a lot of cost and frustration so you do not have to make the same mistakes as others have.

Another excellent resource that is often overlooked is eBay. The number of choices can be overwhelming and there are a bunch of cheap, knock-off parts that you should avoid. If you buy from a quality seller with excellent feedback and do your research on exactly the part you need and at what price, you can certainly maximize your modding budget. You can locate new parts, OEM BMW parts and used BMW parts quickly and easily to make your performance project a winner.

Rand Stuck is an AST certified BMW technician with over 13 years experience working on BMW's and currently manages the BMW parts department for a large BMW dealer. Rand specializes in BMW accessories and sourcing really hard to find BMW OEM parts!