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Saturday, January 21, 2017

How We Can Learn from Billboards

One of the things I have recently noticed is the growth of billboards on the freeways and expressways close to where I live.  It seems over the last 10-15 years new billboards are popping up almost every month.  When traveling to Las Vegas recently, I noticed a common theme on billboards related to my hometown as well as other towns I have visited.  The common thread is the proliferation of car accident attorney’s advertising on the roadways for new business.   How we can we learn from these billboards?
It is evident this is not a cheap form of advertisement, and there is a significant commitment being made from attorney’s making up signs and entering a contract to place their picture in front of all us to see.  These type of investments are possible as representing someone in a car accident can be a very lucrative venture.  Many lawyers are looking for new clients, and the competition has brought about an aggressive means to seek out new clients.  An important lesson we should take away is one mistake on the roads could leave our family exposed if we don't have the proper protection in place and us.  Are we taking a close at our car insurance to make sure there is an adequate amount of coverage?
It is vital to make it a repetitive annual habit of making sure the car insurance coverage you hold is in line with the income and net worth you have accumulated.  Since we all go through different changes, it is a good strategy to review full coverage car insurance details to make sure there are no areas where you being exposed.  All it will take is one crack for an accident attorney to find to make sure his client and his firm open the door to receiving damages.  With the proper amount of coverage the one paying should always be the vehicle insurance company.  These coverage principles should apply if you are seeking car insurance for a female or a male.