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Saturday, January 21, 2017

How Car Insurance Prices Vary

A driver requesting a quote in the State of Maryland can see a significant difference than a driver on the roads in California.  This can be the case if both drivers have similar driving records over the past few years.  How can differences come into play?   The starting point will be the insurance scoring models each company will set up in the state they are operating.  One of the primary differences between Geico’s scoring models in Maryland compared to California will be based on the state regulations in place in both regions.
Car insurance companies obviously need to stay profitable to continue as an ongoing business.  With this, if there are a large number of claims being filed in an area, whether it is due to accidents or thefts, there will need to be an increase in prices to remain profitable.  Another instance can be seen with driving record.  In California, a good driver is someone who is considered to have one or no violations in the past 3 years.  If these criteria are met, California insurers are required to provide better pricing.  These guidelines are not the same in the State of Maryland and drivers with 1 violation in the state of Maryland and California would likely see different pricing.
Since prices will change as you get quotes in different states, it becomes important to look for specific information in the state you are living in.  A driver looking for cheap car insurance in Maryland should follow guidelines in Maryland as a driver in Connecticut should follow different qualities.  This becomes an excellent strategy to make sure there are specific factors being missed.  In general, there are many common features a driver in Maryland will see as a driver in Connecticut.  An example is the type of car being driven.  Typically a sports car will have higher pricing than a more economical type of car.


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