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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Credit Tips with Auto Insurance

How does your credit score impact your car insurance rates?  Are there things I can do with my credit to help me discover cheap car insurance rates?  Over the past several years there has been increased focus on using credit to calculate how much you will pay.  The biggest driver, for this reason, is that insurers see a strong correlation between the likelihood of filing a claim to where your credit score is.  The biggest way to make the most of your credit score is to understand how insurers can utilize credit in the state where you live.

How Will My Credit be used?

Where you park, your car will have a significant impact on how credit is used.  This is due to state insurance offices establishing the guidelines of how your credit score can be used.  Understanding a few of the key directives from your state insurance office will go a long way to help you uncover the best pricing based on your credit.  For instance, a driver in California will learn that credit is not allowed to be used.  A car owner in Oregon will see that credit can’t be used when renewing your insurance policy.  The easiest way to learn about the different nuances is to check out your state insurance website. 

Important Credit Tips

One of the best ways to get the most out of your credit is to check with your existing insurer.  This helps as you will get more information on how credit is used.  The two most important points to keep in mind is each state has regulations on using credit, and each insurer has different variations on the application of how credit is used.  Some insurers will like the use of credit where others will get less use.  So spending a few minutes talking with your existing company will help show how your credit is being used.  Maybe your credit is only used when you sign up for a new policy.  Frequently, insurers will not look at credit as you renew your policy.  Maybe there are only certain items that will be reviewed.  For instance, maybe only late payments or other specific details are reviewed.

Making Credit Improvements

The final area to look closely at is improving your credit score.  There are simple steps everyone can work on to increase their score.  One good process is to automatic setup payments from your checking account.  By scheduling payments, say on the 15th calendar day, you will be assured a payment is made every month.  More information on payments for car insurance can be viewed here.  This will prevent the fees and penalties of making a late payment.  With the growth of electronic banking, it is easier to go online and setup reoccurring payments.  Another good point is to request a credit report.  By seeing your credit, you will have a better visual of what is reviewed by insurers.  You will also be able to see if any errors should not be on your report.