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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Cheap Full Coverage Auto Insurance

Cheap Full Coverage Auto Insurance

How can a car owner find cheap full coverage car insurance?  To start with it will be beneficial to understand the different levels of coverage available.  From here the initial step will be to meet the minimum coverage requirements in the state you reside in.  The following step will be getting the appropriate coverage based on your financial position.  It will also be important to consider requirements when purchasing a new car as financing companies will need particular coverage to receive a loan or sign up for a lease.  We will review the above as well as the best means to find the lowest full coverage car insurance prices.

Locating Cheap Pricing on Full Coverage

In setting up cheap full coverage, there will be some important aspects to consider making sure you are receiving the best pricing terms.  One of the first considerations is the age of the car you are driving.  For drivers with an older vehicle pricing will be much lower if you raise or eliminate your collision and comprehensive deductibles.  An excellent way to save is to utilize discounts and leverage low-cost car insurance strategies.  The best way to save on full coverage is to shop with several insurers.  Each company will price your coverage limits differently, and the only means to locate the cheapest rates is to get quotes where you are comparing coverage levels on an equal basis.  For those on a tight budget and looking to preserve cash it will help to look at no down payment insurance companies.

How Much Coverage Do I Need?

Each state in the US will set minimum coverage requirements that typically relate to liability insurance.  These levels of protection are set as a bare minimum and often do not offer enough protection for the average driver.  Most experts suggest the best coverage is 100/300 which would mean bodily injury coverage of $100K for each person and $300K for each accident. A good approach to reviewing coverage levels is to review your asset levels and also the income you are making in your current job.  If you are involved in an accident and are sued this is what a lawyer will look to go after.
Another situation that will impact coverage is if you are financing or leasing a car.  In most situations banks, credit unions and other financial service companies will require a certain level of deductibles on your collision and comprehensive coverage.  As you speak with financial companies, it is a good idea to inquire about the level of coverage they will require once you sign up for financing.  To achieve better pricing in most situations, it will be better to purchase your coverage directly from an outside company as opposed to going directly with the car dealership or financing company.

Cheap Full Coverage Insurance Terms

Cheap Liability Coverage

Cheap liability coverage is typically made up of bodily injury coverage as well as property damage protection.  This coverage is to insure when you are in an accident or damage property that is your fault. In most states in the US, there will be minimum coverage levels you will need to meet in order to officially operate your vehicle. The most common way you will see this coverage summarized is in 3 parts. For instance, the State of Texas will show the requirements as 30/60/25.  These numbers mean:
30 = $30,000 maximum bodily injury coverage for each person.
60 = $60,000 maximum bodily injury coverage for each accident.
25 = $25,000 maximum property damage coverage.


Collision and Comprehensive are for automobile insurance and usually not required by state insurance locations. Collision will be the larger charging coverage due to this being one of the greatest expenditures insurers need to pay out for. One of the more effective approaches to reducing rates is by raising deductibles on collision coverage. This generally applies to older car owners where the worth of your car is low enough where collision coverage from being in an automobile accident offers little value about the cost. Comprehensive will cost a smaller amount and covers problems outside of being in a collision.

Other Cheap Full Coverage

Medical/PIP – Personal Injury Protection (PIP) will be required in some states, so it is a good idea to verify this is needed for where you live.  The coverage will take care of such cost as hospital, funeral and medical cost up your policy limits.  Medical coverage is generally a lower expense to add coverage for to your policy.
Uninsured/Underinsured – Auto insurance is required in most all states to drive.  This requirement, unfortunately, does not mean everyone carries insurance.  For some individuals, the cost of insurance is too high, and they are not able to afford the cost.  The uninsured rates in the United States vary from as small as 5% to as high as 30%, so it is wise to look at protection in case you are in an accident with someone not holding vehicle insurance.  This is where Uninsured protection will help out.  The other situation is for a motorist who holds the minimum insurance amounts that in some cases will not be sufficient to cover all damages in an accident.  This is where underinsured coverage will be of benefit.


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