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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Cheap Car Insurance Under 21

Once you have a few years driving experience, it should help you find cheap car insurance for someone 21 or under.  Along with driving experience, there are some other important areas to look at to find the cheapest rates available.  Three of the best areas to review are the type of car you drive, your mileage monthly or annual basis and how to find the best deal by working with different insurance companies.

Car Value & Coverage Levels

If you have a choice, it is best to drive an older car that won’t cost as much to fix.  Two great areas of driving an older car relate to the deductibles you can choose as well as the cost of your premiums.  In driving an older car, it will easier to choose higher deductibles for collision and comprehensive coverage.  Collision coverage tends to cost the much and by adjusting your limit a level, say from $250 to $500 will go a long way in saving you money each time you renew your policy.  A car insurance company will assign a lower replacement value to an older car, and that will also show in lower premiums.

Should Car Insurance to Be Fixed or Variable?

One of the great new benefits of technology in car insurance over the last few years has been the growth of telematic devices plugged into your car to measure how many miles you drive, what time of day you drive, how often you brake and how fast you drive.   Maybe you have seen the Progressive commercials called Snapshot?   Snapshot and other similar programs charge based on how often you use your vehicle as well as other factors such as speed or braking.  If you are a student living close to the school or have a short commute to work wouldn’t you prefer to pay less than someone driving several hours a day?  These programs, typically called usage-based insurance, are great ways to keep car insurance cheap for drivers 21 or under.  Car insurance companies, such as GMAC claim savings can be higher than 50% for a driver with low mileage.   Each company will have their own unique program, and since car insurance is regulated by the state, you will also see differences from state to state.  It is best to check the available usage-based programs in the state you live in to take advantage of car insurance being a variable expense.

Cheap Car Insurance Under 21

Most states in the US have over 100 car insurance companies registered to sell car insurance.  As a business, most are eager to get new customers and grow their customer base.  Just look at all the commercials and advertisements we are bombed with on a daily basis.  A great way to benefit from all this competition is jump online to a website that will offer numerous free quotes for a 5-minute investment of your time.  This will provide access to many companies and help you find Cheap Car Insurance for someone under 21.