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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Cheap Car Insurance for Teenagers

Cheap Car Insurance for Teenagers

There are several tracks leading a teenager to cheap car insurance. The first hurdle young drivers will encounter will be all the data auto insurers utilize to come up with pricing for teens. One of the initial set of specifics reviewed is claims history for a particular driving age. Since teenagers generally are in the highest range of accidents, there is an affiliated high risk assigned when pricing is done. This risk will continue to decrease as time goes on and experience is acquired. Below we will review the spots a teen driver should focus on to find cheap rates on insurance.

The Right Vehicle for Cheap Pricing

One of the most significant elements of insurance prices for teenagers is the type of motor vehicle they will insure. Two of the key elements affecting your rates are the how safe the car is and the age of your vehicle.
Drive a Safer Vehicle – One of the most expensive cars to insure is a sports or a high-performance car. By having safer car insurers will designate a lower risk and provide more affordable premiums.
Driving an Older Vehicle – A new car will have a higher value to insure, and there will also be the need to carry more protection to keep up the car. On the other hand, an old auto will carry a cheaper value and with it less expensive pricing. The best factor with an aged vehicle is teens will be able to increase or eliminate comprehensive and collision deductibles. By not having deductibles or setting higher limits, such as $1,000, teenagers should be able to save hundreds of dollars.
One of the best planning tips for a teen looking for cheaper insurance rates is pay close attention to the type of car you will be driving. Although you may not have the flashiest vehicle on the road, an older more economical ride will save a great deal on your premiums.  To learn more about the different forms of coverage visit our cheap full coverage overview.

Dropping Prices with Discounts

Further steps to cheap premiums can be accomplished with discounts.  A good starting to place on the breadth of savings can be viewed at lowest cost insurance tips.  These will apply to most drivers whether teens just starting to drive or drivers with more experience.  Additional ways for teens to reduce premiums is to make us of good grades and take driving classes.  Check with your local school or fellow teens to learn about options available with a driver education course.  In most situations, you will receive a discount as well as valuable experience to help make you a better driver.

Shop, Shop, Shop Will Bring Cheap Rates

Shop When Getting 1st Policy

I’m sure we have all seen how often auto insurers show up in the media.  Whether it is Geico, Progressive, State Farm, Allstate or a handful of other insurance companies that discuss how they can save you money.  Just like hunting for other goods and services, such as a television, computer or even clothes, the best deal will reveal itself as we shop around.  Some companies will rate a teenager a different type of risk and the best way to see who measures you as a better risk is to get quotes from several companies.

Shop Every 6 Months

It is easy to think the last pricing we received will still be best the best when we renew our policy every 6 months.  The reality is car insurance for a teenager should continue to drop as time goes on.  The biggest reason is a teen will get driving experience and make them a more attractive customer in the eyes of the insurer.  An additional reason is the car we drive continues to depreciate and drops in value which helps reduce the cost for insurance companies.  Spending a few minutes on the internet every 6 months is a great way to uncover cheap car insurance for teenagers.